A slideshow

Being a software developer, I figured I'd roll my own slideshow software. In things to come, I already mentioned my picture-frame-slash-backup-machine, and I had already started coding some of the basic stuff.

Some time later, however, I found a backup tool called SyncBack - not only was it free, but it worked like a charm needing little or no configuration. Since the backups were already taken care of, all that was left to create was a simple slideshow application. Given the numerous slideshow applications on the internet, I thought it would be better to spend some time looking for one rather than spending my time creating yet another one.

Even though it took me a while to find one that suited my needs, I was able to find a slideshow screensaver which was highly configurable. The software is freeware, and is simply called JPG/BMP Slideshow v1.8. It was created by Comis Software, and can freely be downloaded from FreewareSite, in their screensaver section.

Here are some of the options which I found very handy:

In other words, more than enough for a nice picture frame!

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