The hard disk

Even though I now had a perfectly working digital picture frame hanging on my wall, there was still something missing.

I figured this laptop could prove to be useful in several other ways while displaying pictures. But in order to get more out of the laptop, I needed to put something in first: a hard disk.

the hard disk This was still a hobby project, and after checking prices for new hard disks I decided that it would be best to add a second-hand hard disk. It took me a few weeks of waiting until a cheap, small harddisk surfaced on eBay, and another few days to wait for the auction to end. Not only did I win the object, but for a few dollars, I had now become the proud owner of a small 6Gb harddisk for my laptop! Not enormous in size, but it would be more than enough to fit either Windows or Linux, some software and a bunch of pictures.

The hard disk was easily replaced, and a little while later Windows 2000 was installed on my laptop. After rebooting, I was greeted with the known login screen.

running windows During the installation, I had attached a mouse and keyboard to the picture frame, but this was of course only temporary. To control the picture frame once it was back on my wall, RealVNC was installed to enable remote control of the laptop. You can see it's little icon in the screenshot.

For those who want to know: the background picture in the screenshot is of a BMW E92 Coupé, one of the first shots when it came out. But I digress...

The first thing to do, now I had a new operating system on the laptop, was finding a replacement for my old viewer, LXPic.

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