The finishing touch

MDF may be an easy material to process, it does not look nice. That's why I chose to spray-paint the frame in black, or better yet, have it spray-painted (thanks very much ma!) since I'm not that much of a gifted painter.

After the fourth layer, the paint covered the frame beautifully, and it was time to put the frame back together again.

First the screen was re-attached, then the laptop was placed on top, some hooks were secured to the wall of my office, and the job was done! Finally I had my very own picture frame hanging on the wall!

Now it only needed to be plugged in, and booted. A minute or so later, the laptop was booted, and the first pictures were displayed. The result looks very nice, if I do say so myself. You can judge it for yourself right here - this picture shows my picture frame in action, displaying a Viper.




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